– Helps to solve pipeline problems
– Can removed roots inside pipeline and sewers
– Flush & clear underground & overhead main sewerage blockage
– Blast away debris such as scale, slits, sand & grease
– Motion techniques forward & reverse jet emitting high pressure streams
Our high pressure water jetting equipment is used to solve the pipe line problems. Our well experienced operator can clean your lines thoroughly and completely with full involvement. Our jetting can remove the roots located inside the pipe and sewers.

AeroJet is now serving a unique service which makes high pressure jetting equipment available to confined areas such as residential easements.  We assure our preventative maintenance programs will keep your systems clean and avoid inconvenience and problems.

Utilizing our high pressure water jetting equipment, we are able to clear and flush any underground and overhead main sewerage blockages.  We are also able to blast away debris we such as scale, slit, sand and grease with the help of forward and reverse jet emitting high pressure streams.

Having published our test results on vitrified clay pipe, we were asked about PVC drain pipe.  Because of its light weight and economical installation, PVC is widely used in many localities.  So we conducted tests to determine how PVC sewers might be jetted with confidence that no damage will result. A Warthog “WH-3/4 test nozzle with jets at three different angles was used to see what pressure was required to damage the pipe. The Warthog” was run 10 seconds at each jet angle, laying on the pipe surface.


At AeroJet pressures below 6,000psi, rotating water jets will not damage PVC pipe. Only at higher pressure and longer dwell time, would the PVC be damaged. So you can be assured that using a Warthog TM Sewer Nozzle at up to 4,000 psi is a very safe effective way to clean PVC drains.

These machines are designed for cleaning sanitary and storm sewer, conduits, culverts and drain pipes o varying diameters.  When cleaning a sewer line the unit is placed directly over a manhole.  The 200ft. ½ inch, high pressure hose is equipped with a special self propelling high velocity jet nozzle which is fed directly into the sewer line or pipe.  Special attachments known as “Root Cutters” can be attached to the sewer jet hose which cut through roots in sewer system in a fraction of the time it would take by hand.


AeroJet is now serving sewer cleaning equipment especially for residential and commercial sewer and drain cleaning as well as septic and grease pumping. We also serve for restaurants, schools, apartment complexes, hospitals, etc